I recieved my Bachelor's in Design from UC Davis, graduating in June 2018.

I am fascinated by the interaction between human and tool, and am especially interested in narrowing the gap between tool-maker and tool-user. In less academic terms, I want to make life more humane for both product teams and end-users.

Outside of design, I spend time outdoors, dance socially, and build tangible things ﹘ especially as a senior volunteer at the Davis Bike Collective. I'm saving for a DSLR, let's go make some photos!

In The Future...

My goal is to continue working at the junction of people and the objects and/or programs we create. Do you have a UX/UI Design, UX Research, or Front-End Development problem to solve? Email me!

I love the infinite possibilities of product design in our digital era. Additionally, I am especially thrilled to join your team if there is an opportunity to bridge digital and physical product design.

Keep in touch via the social media listed below to hear more about my in-the-works bike mechanics + Arduino passion project. Don't worry, eventually I'll post about it here too!

If you see me...

Say hi! I frequently travel to San Francisco and Sacramento for design events.

Photograph of Tara Parker-Essig